Macroeconomics: Test Two. 7/3/15

I am currently taking a Macroeconomics course during the summer. I have an online test I need to complete on Sunday, 7/5/15. I am using this blogpost to make and keep track of a plan of studying for the test.

The problem: I scored 82% on the first test.

The goal: To score 100% on the following four tests that remain in the course.

The test will encompass content from 4 chapters of the Economics textbook the class is reading.

  • Chapter 4: Market Failures
  • Chapter 24: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Chapter 25: Measuring Domestic Output
  • Chapter 26: Economic Growth

My current plan is to create two Microsoft Word documents as study aids:

  1. Economic definitions: One document will have all of the definitions from each chapter, organized alphabetically, and the document will have a table of contents with hyperlinks so that I can find the words easier in the table rather than scrolling through pages to look for each word. The MWord document is titled: “Test 2 Definitions|MacroEcon|6-30-15
  2. Reviewing the content of each chapter: The second document will have four sections, one section for each chapter, and I will copy the summary of each chapter in the etextbook, and paste the summary into each section of the Microsoft word document. The MWord document is titled: “Test 2 Chapters Review|MacroEcon|6-30-15.”

I have two days, Friday and Saturday, to study and review the chapters. Friday, 7/3/15, I will study chapters 25 and 26 because I believe those two chapters will have the more difficult concepts to learn, because I believe those concepts will involve some math equations that are used to measure economic growth, and domestic output.

I will devote my Saturday, 7/4/15, to studying chapters 4 and 24, Market Failures and Introduction to Macroeconomics. I am more confident with these two subjects because I have listened to several online lectures on these subjects from Professors at top Universities via the free content via the iTunesU platform, which I highly recommend, to supplement my learning.

There is the layout of my plan of study for test two. I will share my test results after I receive them. I earned an 82% on the first test. I will continue to adjust how I study until I earn 100% on the tests.

I am open to suggestions on how to improve how I study for the test, and I would appreciate anyone who would take the time to offer guidance.

Also, if I can be of any assistance to anyone regarding studying Economics feel free to communicate with me. I look forward to connecting with all people interested in or practicing the discipline of Economics, and especially but not limited to Latinos.

Fabian, Latino Economist